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The Genuary Collection.

Genuary 21/01 - Triple loop

Moving lines and curves created with three nested loops. The first animation in a series of generative works created in january/february of 2021.

Genuary 21/02 - Rule 30 City

Rule 30 city is a generative artwork using the Rule 30 cellular automaton as data source to create a cityscape.

Genuary 21/05 - Code golf

Sci-fi circles created with a short bit of code.

Genuary 21/06 - Triangles

Triangulation is a fundamental algorithmic action happening millions of times per day, in video games, in 3d art work etc.

Genuary 21/07 - Spring grass

Playing around with a physics model

Genuary 21/08 - Waves

Creating an interference between two complex wave functions.

Genuary 21/10 - Arc tree

Animated growing tree structure made from arcs.

Genuary 21/11 - Chaotic inclinations

Animation combining a strange attractor with trigonometry functions to create an interplay of rotating lines.

Genuary 21/12 - Data source

Using a data source as source for a visualisation.

Genuary 21/13 - No repeat

Transforming superformula

Genuary 21/14 - Circles subdivided

Circles divided into dashed lines transforming and rotating in space.

Genuary 21/15 - Tenet

Subdivided rectangles using the color palette from Tenet.

Genuary 21/16 - Bubbles

Physics simulation showing emergent crystal structures.

Genuary 21/17 - Color scale

Another physics simulation with coloured bubbles.

Genuary 21/18 - Growth & Decay

Game of life algorithm with animated transitions between world state increments.

Genuary 21/19 - Ex Machina along Y

Game of life animation with visualisation of neighbour rules seeding the new live cells.